Stunning design at affordable prices. As one of the city’s most prolific builders, Urban Renovators has the experience to design and build the living space of your dreams.

Discover the best of basement transformation with Urban Renovators, the top-notch finished basement specialists in Denver. Nestled in the thriving Northeast Denver area, we’re a dedicated family business catering to Central Park, Lowry, and neighborhoods spanning across the Denver Metro area, from Boulder to Highlands Ranch, and beyond. With a track record of numerous successful projects each quarter, we stand as one of the city’s leading builders, equipped to craft the basement you’ve always envisioned. Connect with us today to explore possibilities for finishing your incomplete space or any other home remodeling endeavors.

Welcome to Urban Renovators, Denver’s premier finished basement company.

We are based in burgeoning Northeast Denver, Urban Renovators is a family owned and operated business serving Stapleton, Lowry, and communities throughout the Denver Metropolitan Region, from Boulder to Highlands Ranch and beyond. With scores of projects completed every quarter, Urban Renovators is one of the city’s most prolific builders, making it uniquely qualified to design and build the basement of your dreams. Contact us today to discuss options for completing your unfinished space, or other home remodeling project.

Start to finish in three steps.

Pre-construction/construction preparation (prior to the start of project)

  • Finalize a proposal customized to your projects needs
  • Clear out the area completely to provide a blank slate for construction process.
  • Prepare for upcoming construction activities and discuss expectations and timelines with the construction project manager during a meeting. Introduction to the selection process.
  • Urban Renovators will secure all necessary permits and provide customer with construction contract.

Initial Selections and Rough-In Preparation (Weeks 1-2)

  • Begin the construction process – initial framing
  • Consider lead times for cabinets and schedule a consultation with Jen at Tallgrass or preferred cabinet designer if doing cabinets.
  • Provide initial selections for rough-in plumbing.
  • Arrange for electrical walkthrough and discuss customization options.

Design Phase (Weeks 2-3)

  • Finalize cabinet designs and coordinate with project manager to ensure electricians and plumbers regarding sink location and appliance requirements if any based on the finalized cabinet design or other means.
  • Finalize selections and fill out the selection sheet, either electronically or physically.

Construction Process

  • Framing (Week1)
  • Rough in trades (Weeks 1-3)
  • Drywall, Mud and Texture (Weeks 4-5)
  • Tile and Trim (Weeks 5-6)
  • Paint (Weeks 6-7)
  • Cabinet Install, Final Trades, Carpet, Trim (Weeks 7-End of project)


  • Meet with your project manager and punch-list crew to itemize any remaining items left and work through those punch list items
  • Close out all necessary inspections with the city
  • A full in depth construction cleaning of the space

Enjoy your new space!

By following this timeline, we aim to streamline the selection process, expedite the design phase, and ensure efficient construction preparation for the basement project.

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Discover Denver's leading finished basement specialists at Urban Renovators

With extensive expertise, we craft your dream living space, setting the standard as one of the city’s most accomplished builders, offering captivating design and budget-friendly rates across the Front Range Region.

Projects range in size and scope, and consequently so does the time required to design and build a finished basement or similar project. At Urban Renovators, we focus on quality over quantity, and work individually with clients to determine an appropriate timeline, one that benefits all parties. Typically, projects ranging from 1,000sf – 2,500sf require six to eight weeks to complete under normal circumstances.

Urban Renovators has completed hundreds of projects, and is continually adding recent photos to its expanding portfolio. New and prospective clients are encouraged to review various layouts, gleaning inspiration for their project. In addition, Urban Renovators offers tours of its Stapleton office, where individuals can view a variety of rooms and finishes, complete with contemporary colors and finishes.

While every project is unique, and prices vary accordingly, Urban Renovators prides itself on providing exceptional quality at an affordable price. Typically, our finished basements come in thousands, if not tens of thousands, less than our competitors. To achieve these remarkable savings, we reduce our margins on materials, passing savings directly on to customers, generating more business.